Creative Direction, Visual Identity

04. Custom Iconography
05. Newsletter Design

01. Logo
02. Logo Mark
03. Business Card Design



Sporteluxe, founded by Bianca Cheah, is the leading lifestyle site in Australia. Bianca hired me in early 2018 to give Sporteluxe a visual identity refresh prior to the launch of the new 'Sporte Club' membership and subscription box. 



01. Logo

A fresh take on the original Sporteluxe logo, adding a bit more "sport" with a modern italic typeface.



02. Logo Mark

A geometric "S" built from half circles and color-blocked with the brands core color palette speak to the feminine, yet sporty aspects of the brand. 


03. Business Card Design

Multi-color minimal business cards in pastel pink, coral, and cobalt blue. Each Sporteluxe employee gets a custom geometric letter on their card. 


04. Custom Iconography
Custom monoline icons were designed to be used on the site and on @Sporteluxe Instagram highlights. 



05. Newsletter Design
A simple newsletter layout with a focus on images and colorful design elements.